Last stable:

Short release notes 0.88
- new AC support to recognize un/plugged external power supply
- support for HT (HyperThreading(R)) technology
- collapsed extractFrequencies
- "-s" flags for silent output mode
- minor updates and improvements

Release notes 0.87
- invert loadingModules and GovernorCheck order

Release notes 0.86
- support for VIA Nehemiah(R) CPU family
- fix a problem when battery is not present
- rewrite Centrino(R) code for better support
- new scaling_governor support
- some code restyle

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What is cpufrequency?

cpufrequency is a daemon to switch the CPU frequency depending on CPU use.
This utility was tested on Pentium 4/Centrino/Nehemiah CPUs with kernel 2.6.x and above.

HyperThreading(R) technology is supported since version 0.88.


cpufrequency is released under the term of GNU GPL.

- SMP support
- HT support
- KDE support

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